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Our Background

Local Business Is Our Only Business

Small businesses play a critical role in our economy because they create jobs, promote innovation, and foster economic growth. They are significant contributors to the gross domestic product (GDP) and generate income and livelihoods for millions of people in the country. Small businesses also provide a range of goods and services, contributing to the diversity and competitiveness of our economy. Additionally, small businesses can help revitalize declining neighborhoods and rural areas, providing economic opportunities and improving the standard of living of local communities. Overall, small businesses are essential to the health and vitality of our economy, and their success is vital to the success of our nation.


The "Local" Team

Robert Greenawalt

Sarah Catwalter


Strategic Partnerships (Our Local Expert)

Welcome Mat Publications

Tammy Moore

Small Business Print & Promotions Director

Robert Greenawalt

Director of Licensing & Expansion

Our leadership that allows us to grow and expand...

16,000 + New Mover every month

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